eBusiness User Agreement

Between Toromont Industries Ltd. of Concord, Ontario and the eBusiness user regarding access and use of https://www.mytoromont.com/ ("the Website")

Use of this Website

Toromont Industries Ltd. will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information published and made available through the Website is accurate. However, all information and services are provided on an "as is" basis. Toromont Industries Ltd. is not responsible in any way for any damages (including consequential damages) resulting from the use of the Website or the information presented on the Website. Toromont Industries Ltd. does not warrant the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of this information and disclaims liability for omissions or errors in this information and materials. No warranty of any kind, implied, express, or statutory is given in conjunction with the Website and/or the information published on the Website.

Changes may be made at anytime to information and materials contained in the Website without prior notice. Internet software or transmission problems may produce incomplete information and data, which is downloaded, and may be subject to transmission interruptions or failures. An end user’s local computer may inaccurately receive or present the information published on the Website. In no event will Toromont Industries Ltd. be liable for any damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with the use of the Website or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in function, lack of availability, virus or communications failure of the Website. Toromont Industries Ltd. makes no representations whatsoever about any other Website which may be linked from the Website or accessible through the Website. These external sites include but are not limited to sites hosted by Caterpillar Incorporated.


The information on the Website is protected under the copyright laws of Canada. Permission to copy, redistribute, reproduce or republish in any form, any information found in the pages of the Website is specifically withheld. Contact the webmaster (webmaster@toromont.com) if information is requested for republication. Some content on the Website and/or information accessible from the Website is subject to additional license. Unauthorized access to this information without proper licensing is a violation of copyright. Any unauthorized access and/or copying of information published on the Website may be a violation of statutory or common-law rights and could be subject to legal action

Toromont Industries Ltd. provides the user access to information through the use of this internet based interface (“the Website”) with the following understanding:

Toromont Industries undertakes to:

  • ensure that generally accepted security measures are in place to protect customer’s data from access by unauthorized parties. These measures include:
  • the implementation of encrypted access to data
  • the implementation of 128bit SSL- based logon id and password system
  • a periodic review of accesses to the information in order to identify suspicious activity
  • protect the customer’s information and not provide it to any third party unless required to do so by law
  • provide assistance to a customer administrator, so that the administrator may manage the authorization of access to the customer's employees

The user understands that:

  • The user is responsible for the administration of the authorized user list, including all additions, changes and deletions. This is especially important in the case of discharged employees who have access to the customer’s Toromont Website; the customer administrator is responsible to ensure that access rights are removed, and has the ability to do so
  • Toromont Industries Limited makes its best effort to ensure the data is accurate and up to date, but cannot warrant such due to the nature of the Internet technology
  • the system makes use of cookies to assist in the login process
  • the system provides links to non-Toromont websites that are outside the control or domain of Toromont
  • a minimum software configuration of either Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or Netscape Navigator 5 is required